Steve quiz
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Trivia quiz

This should decide your rating as a true fan...although this quiz is really quite impossible. Good luck!

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1. What was Charlie’s profession in ‘Mystery Train’?





2. In ‘Divine Trash’, Steve plays himself as an interviewee. But which director is he talking about during the interview?

Joel and Ethan Coen

John Cassevetes

Alfred Hitchcock

John Waters

3. Which movie was originally shot in colour, but printed in black and white?

Living In Oblivion


In The Soup

Dead Man

4. The Korean War is referred to in which of these movies?

Parting Glances

The Big Lebowski

The Hudsucker Proxy

Trees Lounge

5. From where does Steve make his first appearance in ‘Barton Fink’?

Behind the desk

Under the desk

The elevator

Under the floorboards

6. In ‘Living in Oblivion’, what is the category which Nick Reve dreams he wins an award for?

Best actor

Best movie ever made

Best director

Best movie ever made by a human being

7. In the bar scenes of ‘The Big Lebowski’, what does Steve’s character, Donny, drink?


White Russian

Slice orange juice


8. Steve’s role as John Cusack’s boss was edited out of which movie?


The Grifters

Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

Con Air

9. In which of these Adam Sandler movies does Steve not appear?


Big Daddy

Going Overboard

Billy Madison

10. In ‘The Big Lebowski’, what is Donny eating as they drive to Larry’s house?


A burger

A hotdog

A kebab

11. In which of these movies does Peter Stormare not appear?


The Big Lebowski


Con Air

12. What does Ed Chilton do to his mother?

Kills her

Buys her a dog

Has her brought back to life

Gets her a job

13. Which of these creatures would you associate with Danny McGrath?





14. Who does Steve impersonate in ‘Pulp Fiction’?


Buddy Holly

Rodney King

Carl Perkins

15. In ‘Escape From LA’, what does Steve’s character sell?



Movie memorabilia

Maps to the stars’ homes

16. What is Steve holding in his very first scene in ‘Mystery Train’?

A magazine

A razor

A bottle of liquor

A fishing rod

17. Where does Steve meet with Cyndi Lauper in ‘Vibes’?

At a horse track

In a museum

In a shop

In her apartment

18. What is the fate of Carl in ‘Fargo’?

He is shot dead

He is shot, but escapes

He is killed by a car

He is put in a woodchipper

19. Steve has a scene in a confession booth in which of these movies?

Kiss Daddy Goodnight

Con Air

The Imposters


20. In ‘The Big Lebowski’, what were the original contents of the tin which Donny’s ashes are kept in?



Dried fruit